FDA:複製動物之肉類、乳製品 食用安全無虞 | 環境資訊中心

FDA:複製動物之肉類、乳製品 食用安全無虞


田納西大學飼養的八隻複製牛; 圖片來源:UT Cloning Project美國聯邦食品與藥品管理局(FDA)於15日宣佈,來自複製牛、豬、山羊的肉類與乳製品,以及任何物種複製動物的後代所製成的食物,在食用上與一般飼養的動物同樣安全。



獸醫學博士、同時任職於隸屬FDA之食品安全暨應用營養中心主任桑德洛夫(Stephen Sundlof)表示,「自從複製動物相關文件草案公布後,我們重新審視了額外的數據與社會大眾的意見,得到的結論是,來自牛、豬、羊等複製動物的肉類製品與奶製品,與一般動物同樣食用無虞。這項再一次的評估,並強化了我們在食品安全上所得出的結論。」


Animal Clones Approved for Human Food
WASHINGTON, DC, January 15, 2008 (ENS)

The federal Food and Drug Administration has concluded that meat and milk from clones of cattle, swine, and goats, and the offspring of clones from any species traditionally consumed as food, are as safe to eat as food from conventionally bred animals, the agency announced today.

There was insufficient information for the FDA to reach a conclusion on the safety of food from clones of other animal species, such as sheep.

The government's decision drew criticism from the meat industry, farmers, animal protection groups and some lawmakers.

"After reviewing additional data and the public comments in the intervening year since the release of our draft documents on cloning, we conclude that meat and milk from cattle, swine, and goat clones are as safe as food we eat every day," said Stephen Sundlof, DVM, PhD, director of FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition.

Our additional review strengthens our conclusions on food safety."

"Cloning is not the same as genetic engineering, which involves altering, adding or deleting DNA; cloning does not change the gene sequence," the agency explains.



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